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Only 10% are checked

Passing the border without being stopped is not a confirmation of anything, except that Border Force simply cannot check every single vehicle.

Make sure you are not relying on the driver to inform you of a problem (in some cases, he may be involved). Border Force will normally only inform other Government Agencies or third parties if the load is for human consumption. Remember, even then, 90% of the vehicles are unchecked.

We recommend carrying out your own spot checks. Particularly when using sub-contractors.

Prevention is better than cure...

...equally, 'where there's a will, there's a way'. Over recent years we have seen a shift from prevention to DETECTION. Recognising there is very little that can be done to stem the flow of migrants, the emphasis has shifted to detecting if/when they are (or have been) on board.

You should ensure that your vehicle checks are regular and effective. We recommend that you register with the Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme (CPAS) as this can assist should you appeal against penalties imposed by Border Force.

Come clean

Because of the flexibility of foreign hauliers (particularly Eastern Europeans), a great many loads are now sub-contracted to 3rd parties. This immediately weakens your control of the transport flow and needs to be carefully managed.

Problems occur.  It's how you deal with them that singles you out from the rest.  If you suspect stowaways have been on board - own up, don't cover up!    Your client may already be aware of a problem.    

HACCP load checking facilities exist so you can manage any irregularities in a pro-active and professional manner rather than fire-fighting when the delivery fails (and suffering the damage to reputation).
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