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Under Customs control

Be aware that the goods may still be under Customs control.  For example, if the trailer is Customs sealed and moving under the TIR convention, breaking the seal may invalidate the Customs paperwork and cause problems discharging bonds and guarantees.   

If in doubt check the accompanying paperwork and look for a TIR plate at the rear of the trailer.   If the driver is carrying a valid, undischarged, TIR Carnet it would be advisable to involve the Customs clearance agent in the process.  

The seal can still be broken but it needs to be handled in a particular way and with Customs knowledge and approval.  

Consequential loss

Our experience shows that 85+% of the load can be recovered without loss.   The situation needs to be carefully managed to provide full and final remedial action without subsequent or consequential claim.

This is best achieved by utilising the services of an approved distress load management company, one that has the experience to bring the situation to a full and comprehensive conclusion without recourse or retrospective query.

We would recommend a process provider who is authorised by their local EHO (Environmental Health Officer) and one that not only provides a physical solution to the problem but also a full audit trail of actions and remedies.

Quantifying the loss

As with most claims, handling the situation quickly and professionally can significantly reduce the loss in financial terms and the reputational cost to both the transport company and the brand owner.

Specific attention should be given to:-

- Confidentiality
- Traceability
- Isolation : to prevent risk of cross contamination
- Stock and vehicle availability
- Safe disposal of 'ruined' goods
- Responsible mitigation through pre-approved processes
- Timely turn-around as products may have a short shelf life

We are happy to recommend processing locations and/or surveyors who are experienced and well respected in this field.

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